All my Candles are made with Love + Intention.
They are 100% Soy Wax, which is a natural, renewable resource and has a lower melting point for a slower non-toxic burn, Wooden Wicks, Fragrance oils that are all phthalate free topped with Dried Flowers + Crystal's.

8oz candle burn time - approximately 45 hours

As our scents change with the seasons, we do try to keep your favorites in our regular inventory!

Candle Care:

Few things to remember when burning a candle

Before the first light, make sure you have 3-4 hours available for the candle to burn while attended. Ensure to remove any florals or additions to the candles before lighting

Place your candle on a flat, flame retardant surface, away from drafts, children, pets, curtains, furniture, etc. In other words, Use common sense, NEVER leave unattended.

When lighting your candle for the first time, and each time thereafter, allow the wax to melt all the way out to the diameter of it’s container. Once the melted wax reaches the glass, allow it to melt until 1/4” deep. This is called a melt pool. This is also where all of that fragrant aroma is released - This will ensure all of the wax is used for a long, clean, even burn.

Keep your wick trimmed to approx 3/16” before lighting your candle each time. Remove wick debris from candle.

Should your candle fully melt, extinguish & allow to harden and then use as usual

Discard your candle once the remaining wax reaches 1/2” deep

If your candle wick moved due to the wax being liquefied discard candle

Fire is fire - DO NOT leave your candle unattended.

Please remember, each candle is handmade and free of additives, so the natural color and finish may vary. Surface imperfections such as dimples are simply love marks and do not affect the quality of your product-- To help prevent wax discoloration, keep your candles away from direct sunlight and strong fluorescent lighting. 

Thank You,